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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Welcome! Oh, and ZOMBIES!

Ahhhh, how good it feels to be back behind the helm of a blog! Unlike previous iterations, this blog will be kept up with. Why, you ask? Because this one is special - it starts off with a post about my favorite monster of all time: the zombie.

For those not in the know, these are zombies -------->

Note the sunken eyes, pale skin, wounds, and oh, yes, the general dead-ness of them. What makes zombies so awesome? They always win.

Sure, vampires have all sorts of crazy powers, but they can be stopped with the sun. The sun: not just a reason to build cheap, renewable solar energy plants anymore, but also a way to beat the undead.

And werewolves? I'll admit, the whole changing into a wolf thing is kind of cool. The strength, agility, and heightened senses must come in handy. The drawbacks? I'd imagine that shredding a pair of clothes each month, waking up nekkid somewhere, and introducing yourself to other dogs by smelling butts would get old real fast.

And being a monster, like the Swamp Thing or some crazy creature? That's no fun. I mean, Sasquatch probably just wants to chill and do his own thing but people keep trying to take pictures of him. That's a hassle.

No, zombies are where it's at. Here's why. First, they eat you. That's terrifying. And then, they're decomposed of regular people (Get it?! Decomposed! Oh me...) like you or me or anyone else. But most importantly, there are always a lot of them. What's worse than being alone, outnumbered, and knowing that, no matter how slowly, these things will never stop shambling after you?

What's more, one of the best games to play is "What's Your Zombie Plan?" Try it out now. I'll ask you, "QUICK! A ZOMBIE BREAKS THROUGH THE DOOR RIGHT NOW - WHAT DO YOU DO?" Now you have to quickly make up a plan, then we pick it apart and arrive at something awesome, usually involving holding up in some anti-zombie haven.

So as Halloween rolls around this year, participate in a zombie walk. They're fun. Get some makeup, gore yourself and some buds up, and shamble around. A couple of years ago, three of us made a Portillo's run (well, slow, deliberate shamble) to the applause of the people inside who really got a kick out of it.

Make sure to check out the season two premiere of The Walking Dead tonight on AMC, too. It promises to be amazing. Now, it's off to crush some zombie skulls in Dead Island. I love October!

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  1. Hey!

    Since I saw Night of the Living Dead in the seventies I have been hooked on Zombie Movies as well. I have to agree with you on my favorite undead, they are hands down better than the Mummy or the Clan of Vampires, though Vampires are better looking for the most part! Zombies are the gears that just keep turning the Undead Machine....

    IF you haven't seen the Walking Dead season 2 Web Episodes go check them out, I thought they were great and was left with that aha feeling.